Planning an Event or Protest

Whether using amplified sound, bringing in a speaker or displaying symbolic structures on the Quad, there are many things to consider. When planning an event, a registered student organization (RSO) must make space reservations through the Center for Student Involvement (CSI). Once space is reserved, CSI can help provide logistical support and guidance, including help with time, place and manner regulations, to set the stage for a successful event. Learn more by visiting CSI's website.

Groups, organizations and individuals planning an event or protest that are not RSOs make space reservations through the university's Conference and Event Services (CES).

Time, Place and Manner Restrictions

In public forums such as the Quad, the university may not regulate the content of speech but can place reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions. Examples of permissible university time, place, and manner restrictions include:

A more complete list of university time, place, and manner restrictions can be found in section IV of the University's Freedom of Expression policy (PPM 400-01).

Symbolic Structures

Many UC Davis students over the years have chosen symbolic structures as a powerful means of communicating their ideas. In support of this form of expression, the university has designated a site on the Quad for "symbolic speech," where symbolic structures may be placed. The CSI symbolic structures policy governs such structures.

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